This page offers each one of you an opportunity to share what it means to be “thriving.” Please enter your words of how you are a thriver. It’s your opportunity to inspire others in their Thriver Adventure.

8 Responses to Your Stories

  1. Sample Thriver says:

    I’m thriving after cancer and as an aging boomer. I live life fully, am revving up my business, travel, have new adventures, help others, go to as much theater and performance as I can. I laugh and love to have fun each day.

  2. Debra Burrell says:

    I am thriving three and one half years after a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. The treatment took a year of hospitalizations, emergency room visits, blood transfusions, chemo therapy, diet changes due to increased lack of immunity, etc etc etc. I have regained my life and am living it at least as happily, if not more so, than I lived it before I had a blood cancer. I enjoy my friends and my family. I believe I have become more patient, tolerant and accepting of others.

  3. Phyllis May says:

    WootWoot! It’s 23 years of ‘life after cancer’! Even now, however, I never call myself a survivor but I have no problem calling myself a thriver…because that’s what I am. I never thought I’d see 50, let alone 70! Birthdays are a time for gratitude and celebration and I have no tolerance for people who complain about their age. At age 55, I moved to a new location without knowing a soul. My life is rich; I’m blessed and now encourage people to be “Fiery Retirees”. I’m ‘reFIRED not retired’!

  4. Karen Hodges says:

    In October, 2007, I bounced into my annual mammogram without a care in the world. The technician, Nancy at Lower Keys Medical Center, was a complete professional, said nothing alarming, but her face got “squinchy” and she asked me if I’d ever had a sonogram before. The sonogram tech’s face got squinchy, too. 11 surgical procedures, 6 months of chemotherapy and 2 years of treatment and reconstruction and I am absolutely thriving. Each day is a gift…that’s why we call it “the Present.”

  5. Kit Williams says:

    I am a thriver…. so fortunate to be feeling healthy and having a very full life. My experience with cancer was in 2008; after the diagnosis I went to Japan for three weeks with a friend. That gift to myself was so important and the “zen” spirit remains with me to this day. I am now building a business, valuing this opportunity to make decisions about the ways in which I live my life….because each moment is precious.

  6. Marian Banker says:

    I have never had a life threatening illness, but I did lose my daughter to breast cancer at the age of 32. The loss did affect me. I became a workaholic for years to compensate for the loss. Today I’ve decided life is too short to have nothing more than work, so I’ve broken out of my old mold and have started a “thriving” new life with plenty of time to “smell the roses” while I still can.

  7. Stephanie Bode says:

    After the diagnosis of breast cancer, I stepped into treatment with faith. That was 3 years ago. I quickly realized that I needed to let go of the belief that I was in control of my life and/or any aspect of my children’s lives. The cancer diagnosis shifted my perspective . I now thrive more than ever on loving relationships with family and close friends . I also celebrate life and say “yes” to opportunities as often as possible.

  8. Michele Moreno-Cheverez says:

    I am a 10 year thyroid cancer survivor, a Baby Boomer, mother and grandmother. I was lucky enough to have good insurance and a doctor who vigorously pursued a swelling in my throat that I could not feel. All of my doctors were proactive and I had a needle biopsy, a total thyroidectomy and then 3 radioactive iodine treatments. Today I am cancer free and feel very blessed to be so. Peace and Love to all fellow survivors and those on the cancer journey.

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