Topics/Titles for healthcare and women’s conferences include:

A 360 Degree View of Cancer … through the Lens of a Patient

Cancer is the disease that never goes away, even in remission. It’s with us forever. Whether you currently have or have had cancer, are a caretaker, or a healthcare provider, this talk will make you laugh, give you some tips and send you off with an optimistic view. (Ann has been in all these roles) In this workshop, you will learn what patients and caregivers “need” from others, some approaches to approaching the “C” word with people, and, how to bring your sense of humor to a delicate topic.

I Am a Thriver … and So Are You: Living a ReInvented Life after Illness.

In this talk, Ann looks at what it takes to be “thriving.” She shares the elements needed for resiliency and bouncing back. Beyond surviving, thriving is learning to be alive at every magical moment, connected to the world, living in the present. It helps you live authentically, lovingly, and to be genuine. No matter what you’ve experienced, you can THRIVE. Thriving is all about living in the NOW.

How to be an Unconventional Woman… at any Age, Stage and Under Any Circumstance. (great for Women’s conferences)

Ann speaks primarily on how she reinvents herself, and why she considers herself to be an “outside the box” sort of woman. Ann shares her own experiences of selling everything and moving from Texas to NYC at age 60 for a new adventure and then dealing with Breast Cancer. The stories and the tips she shares will have you laughing and crying, but most importantly will have you think beyond your own limitations.

How to Deal with Serious Illness in the Workplace

Someone at work has cancer ( or another serious illness)  … maybe a line employee or maybe the someone in the C-suite. How do you deal with it? What to say, what not to say, how to be supportive. Come and learn the human side, the helpful side, find out what they need,  AND how to truly embrace those with serious illness at work

Cancer Speaking One-Sheet!

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