Personal Purpose:

What’s in it for me? That’s often the question people want to know when reading a website.

This is a site that belongs to us all … any of us who have experienced challenging illnesses or other circumstances. It’s a chance to rise above, even if in the midst of our challenge.

This is a site to inspire us to live in the now, the present moment, no matter what else might be happening.

This is a site to encourage you to be vocal/ to have a voice about what you need for yourself, from others so that the quality of your life can be awesome.

This is a site where you create some of the copy through your words and through your responses to blogs. And, perhaps you offer to guest-write a blog.

Lastly, this is an opportunity for us to make the word “thriver!” the one that sticks … to take us beyond surviving. It’s time to be proud and stand up and say “I am a thriver!

Professional Purpose:

Ann’s mission here is to bring the awareness of “thriving” to individuals, but also to organizations. She will do this through consulting, speaking, and training.

When people experience challenges, the workplace sometimes wonders how to “be” with the employee, e.g.

  • “what do we say?”
  • “how do we treat them?”
  • “how do we help to integrate them into the work environment and still give them space to experience their illness, treatment, caretaking, etc?”

Specific to Cancer/ Illness

Let’s bring awareness to health care providers, doctors, hospitals about the real needs of the people they’re treating.