Cancer 360° — A Full View of the Cancer Adventure

Wow … big expectations.

How do we discuss the entire experience/ adventure someone with cancer goes through? Well, I suppose one step at a time. As a Thriver, I remember from the earliest moment — diagnosis, then surgery, then surgery again, then meeting with my oncologist, then chemotherapy, losing my hair, radiation and two more years of exhaustion. I remember the ups and the downs, the moods, the fear, the joy. I remember supporting my grown son through his experience and wanting everyone to be positive with me. I remember being incredibly scared about how I would survive financially — being a self-employed woman who couldn’t work at the time. I remember every “post cancer” visit to the doctor or for a new mammogram and wondering if I was okay.

You see, Cancer is a full illness. There are implications for every aspect of your life and the life of your loved ones. Without paying attention, something can get the best of you. It’s like juggling and keeping all the balls in the air.

To thrive effectively, we have to know what we are up against.

Join the conversation. Post your experiences of thriving … how you are coming through the experience. You will undoubtedly help those around you. Go here to tall your story:

If you have a few minutes and want to hear more, you can download a 10 minute audio tape with yours truly here:

I am so glad to be part of your community and to have you in mine.

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