Thriving Through the Ordeal

In my last blog, I shared about my son’s cancer. Well, hallelujah .. all is well. He had surgery. The melanoma was taken out, as was a lymph node. And, great news, the cancer didn’t spread …. so he is now Cancer-Free. Yay. This experience was just a “blip on the screen” in his life and in mine.

But, there is the rest of the story. It’s not that easy. I was petrified, so was he. We all worked on staying upbeat for each other.                                                                                 Point:  Humor and Laughter are great ways to thrive in any circumstance.

We took it one day at a time. His surgery was on a Monday, so we had fun on the weekend before. He stayed home from work .. had to … he was way to woozy from the anesthesia. He hurt a lot too … but we laughed at his reactions. We also greatly enjoyed the antics of his girlfriend’s dog .. Izzy.. who became quite the nursemaid.                                             Point: Always thrive with the presence of others to help you.

We took great pictures — before, during, and after. He bought two new hats to wear and modeled them. When he was up and about, we enjoyed different places to eat — from greasy burgers, to elegant food.                                                                                                 Point:  Eating and hats are great ways to thrive (especially with loved ones.)

We watched him regenerate, revive, come back around … one day at a time. We also watched him accept that he had been diagnosed with cancer at age 35 and handle it with grace and ease. He leaned on me and his girlfriend (and Izzy) for nurturing. He had the support of his bandmates (he’s the lead singer of and friends.

Point:  Always ask for support and love. It makes you a bigger person and is just as helpful to those who offer the support.

So, to Gabriel, to Megan, to Izzy and to all my friends who helped me thrive and grow through this ordeal … a huge thank you. But… I’m incredibly glad it’s over.


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