There is LOTS of Relapse Going On … How to Thrive and Not Worry

What do Robin Roberts, Sheryl Crow, Diem Brown (of the Challenge), Eddie van Halen Nora Ephron have in common?

Well, all have had cancer and are “known.” Robin, Eddie and Diem have had recent relapses. Sheryl has been diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor (after breast cancer a few years back) and Nora died this week of leukemia.

As someone myself who has experienced cancer, it’s disconcerting to read about relapses and loss of life to this insidious disease. I know it’s always looming in the background. How can it not? Memories of surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, radiation and severe exhaustion for months and months loom as well.

However, I can’t live in the “past” of what’s happened. Nor can I live in the “future” of what might happen. I’d be schizophrenic, never want to leave my apartment, babbling with anxiety and fear. Where would that get me? Well, probably right into relapse… or mental illness for sure.




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