It’s October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has deemed October as the month for it’s annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. In some ways, that is really awesome (but I’m not sure why it’s only 1 month). In other ways, it’s really too bad. Too bad that the breast cancer diagnosis has come to what I call “epidemic” proportions. If you ask almost anyone if they know someone who has (or has had) breast cancer, I’m sure you’ll get close to 100%.

I often laughingly ask … “is it in the water, or the air” Do we drink from the same glass of kool aid? Research has a great distance to go for us to truly know how and why so many people (mostly women) get this dreaded diagnosis.

What I want to say about breast cancer and any other cancer:  Change your behaviors before you get it  AND, once you have it, use it as a springboard for making the sort of life changes that will move you forward.

Prior … as we live our lives, we know we need to exercise, eat well, watch our alcohol intake and our stress. During, we need to focus on healing and getting well … whatever that means AND also asking for the sort of help we need through the process. After, developing an attitude of “thriving” … that is blossoming, blooming, opening … will help us move forward for the rest of our lives.

And, though all of these phases, having a great sense of humor, the ability to laugh, a sense of joy and curiosity  and a bit of playfulness … will definitely get you through the rough spots.

Let’s start October off right and let’s dialog and share our experiences.

Please tell us how you are thriving at

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