Having a Great Mindset to Deal with Cancer and Thrive

It’s been sometime since I last posted here … I promise to get better and write more often. I sincerely want us all to share how we are thriving….. even if we still have the disease.

I want to focus a bit today on what it means to be an “ordinary” person dealing with an extraordinary experience. What do I mean by “ordinary?” I mean — not a celebrity, but rather an everyday person. I didn’t have the help and resources and public persona during my experience, but you know what, I think many of you identify with me because of that.

When I share my story, people come up and say, “wow, you really get me.” I love that. I want people to feel “gotten.” Remember, everyone’s cancer adventure is different .. it’s important that we never compare ourselves to anyone else. And, remember, it is a 360° experience — in other words, we feel it in the Sum Total of our lives.

So, what mindset can we develop to deal with it all? A mindset refers to an attitude or an intention. We can set our minds to see something as negative or positive (in a simplistic way). We handle it based on how we handle other things. Do we go and hide under the blanket or do we face it head on, ready to take action?

My mindset at diagnosis (even though I was afraid) was: “I’m going to BEAT this. I’m not going to die from this disease. This disease is not going to kill me.”

I’m hoping that perhaps I can share a few tips with you about setting your mindset to help you get through whatever experience you might be having. If you’re interested, you can go here and download FREE your 10 Tips for Having the Best Mindset in Dealing with the Diagnosis of Cancer (whew, long title). I hope it helps and be sure to let others know about it as well. Just download here:  http://cancer-360.com/

I’ll be back again soon with another post. Thanks!


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