Conversations with Loved Ones.

I read an interesting article today about a well-known sports announcer who is now facing his third battle with cancer. He titled his article, “Trying to stay alive for my daughters.” It was quite moving.

Sometimes in the midst of treatment protocols, it would be easy to just let it all go. It’s tough to feel bad, have no energy, wonder if it will do any good. But, the shining light behind it all are the loved ones who still want you to be there.

I remember my treatment. I discussed every step of it and every option with my son. He’s a grown-up .. in his 30’s, but he is the most important person in the world to me. He actually researched all the options and had an opinion, but ultimately told me I would have to decide on the path to go. Knowing that I had the choices to make, and knowing that I had his permission to choose was very liberating. While I wanted him (in some ways) to do the choosing for me, he would not, nor should he.  Did he want me to live — of course.

Since my treatment (nearly 3 years ago now), we’ve had conversations about what I would do if the cancer returned. He knows I’m on long-term medication for the next 5 years. We hope that holds the cancer at bay. However, we know there are no assurances.

Cancer is the disease that never goes away. Yes, it goes into remission, but it’s always lurking. I encourage all of you experiencing this disease and all of your loved ones to have the conversations about it … both in the present and looking at the future. But ultimately, it comes down to the person in the experience. He/she needs to choose … knowing, of course, that the choices might not please everyone. But, that’s how we stay in command of our own bodies.

Given that cancer can return … my message, as always … live life to it’s fullest every day.

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